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Enabling youth to learn how to learn, and to learn how to live, empowering them to become people of integrity and people for others.
An international school of choice, recognised for
values-centred education and learning driven by
passion, that nurtures persons who make a
difference to society...
Faith in Him;
Service to Others;
Community building from within
The Founder
John Baptist de La Salle was a pioneer in founding training colleges for teachers, reform schools for delinquents, technical schools, and secondary schools for modern languages, arts, and sciences...
Signum Fidei
The formal title of the De La Salle Brothers is Institut des Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes or The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Among the Brothers themselves, the Order is referred to as the Institute because it is an Institute of Pontifical right as classified under Canon Law...
The SJI Crest
The present crest of St. Joseph’s Institution was introduced in 1950. It was designed by Mr Richard Walker, the Art Supervisor of the Education Department. The green field of the crest (Pantone 336C) is divided into four quadrants by a white cross, the symbol of the Christian faith. In the centre of the cross lies the logo of the Brothers, a five-pointed star, the Signum Fidei , the Sign of Faith...