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St Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia is not just another ordinary international school in KL, but will be the best international school in KL equipped with resourceful facilities that benefits the students in their studies. Being an education institution, we have our foremost concern on the academic quality of our students.  

In the effort to be the best international school in KL by generating a favourable study environment, our school provides spacious classrooms and laboratory that are well-lit to ease the learning process. We also have two libraries; one caters to the students in elementary school while another for the high schoolers. 

In making the learning experience more interesting to the students, we have an auditorium where students get to enjoy watching educational movies or listening to inspiring talks. We are also determined to be attentive towards the health and vitality of our students. In the thought to boost the students’ physical health, our school comes with a swimming pool, a tennis court, a soccer field, and a sports hall.

Indoor Sports Hall                                                                25m by 15m Swimming Poo                       
Basketball Court                                                                                 Auditorium / Performing Arts Centre
Art Room                                                                             Computer Lab
Science Lab                                                                       Dining Hall
IB Lounge                                                                           Dance Studio
Elementary School Library                                                 High School Library
Chapel                                                                                Indoor Playground
Tennis Court                                                                       Football Field                                                                                      

Other Campus Facilities

  • FA-Qualified Soccer Field with Spectator Gallery 
  • Tennis Court 
  • 25 m by 5 m Junior Pool 
  • Prep School Playground 
  • Nurses’ Station
  • Campus-wide Security System 
  • Bus Park 
  • Underground Carpark