Kathy Smyth

Kathy Smyth Position: Economics Teacher

Kathy Smyth joined us at the end of a period of sabbatical leave during which she studied aspects of Sustainable Development. Her teaching experiences included schools in the UK, Sierra Leone, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Botswana, Egypt and, most recently Singapore where she taught IB Economics and co-ordinated the Social Service programme for SJI International Singapore.

Kathy holds an Honours degree in Economics from Wolverhampton, a Masters degree in Environment Management from the University of London and a P.G.C.E. from the University of Leeds.

Apart from teaching a range of Economics courses, Kathy has throughout her career, been very involved with schools’ programmes for co-curricular activities. In Botswana, she was Director of Co-Curricular activities for Maru-a- Pula School, co-ordinating the Service, Physical and Enrichment programme which involved all students and teachers of the school and made Maru-a- Pula an integral part of Gaborone life. She looks forward to the opportunity to help to build up social service programmes which will make SJI International Malaysia a vibrant community that demonstrates genuine care and concern for other people and for the environment.