Lauren Bayfield

Lauren Bayfield Position: Year 1 Team

Lauren joined us from the beautiful Roman city of Chester in England. Before working at SJIIM, her previous school experience was in Muscat, Oman and then Doha, Qatar where she taught children from some of the country’s most prestigious families. Lauren has an honours degree in Media and Theatre Studies from the University of Liverpool, UK, and a Primary Education PGCE from Sunderland University, UK. She has also been awarded an MA in International Education from Sunderland University. Lauren has 11 years of experience working with children who speak English as an additional language and is skilled in providing tailored lessons to suit the language needs of her students. Lauren is also passionate about creating a fun and caring environment for her students as well as cultivating a growth mindset. Lauren believes that academic success needs to be matched with developing happy, well rounded young people, and her own interest in well-being and fitness has led her to understand the importance of teaching children life skills. ‘I have travelled to many countries around the world and I am always eager to talk to the local children and hear their stories, as it is through listening that we understand. I admire children’s curiosity and openness to change and growth. They remind me to stay open-minded and laugh as much as possible! I am truly looking forward to starting my second year at SJIIM.’