Nicole Pantry

Nicole Pantry Position: Assistant Principal - Academic Profile

Mrs. Pantry grew up in northeastern Massachusetts in the United States and attained her undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont, with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Recreation Management. She started her career in Recreational Therapy, creating a therapeutic art and swimming programme for Mass General Hospital’s Youth Care Programme. Later, she found her interest in education while working as an Activities Director in a Catholic community outreach centre that partnered with a charter school. After gaining teacher certification and spending a year teaching P.E. and Art, Mrs. Pantry returned with her family to her husband’s home of Bermuda. Beginning her classroom teaching experience in the government system, Mrs. Pantry then moved over to the well- established international school, Warwick Academy. Across her 10 years there, she taught a variety of year groups and subjects and gained experience in the IB, IPC and Singapore Math curricula. She also held several different positions such as Lower Primary Coordinator, Senior Teacher of Curriculum and eventually the post of Deputy Head of Curriculum.

Mrs. Pantry also completed a Masters in Education from Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincolnshire, UK during this time. In an effort to expand her professional growth and share her knowledge, skills and understanding, Mrs. Pantry is pleased to be joining the SJIIM family and will be a good fit as it allows for the utilization of her background in Catholic studies, community service and education for the very meaningful cause of inspiring our children to be lifelong learners, global thinkers and to give back to their community.

Outside of school Mrs. Pantry enjoys camping and boating with her family; husband Michael and two children, Lennox and Charlette, who both attend SJIIM. Food, culture and lots of sunshine are among some of the many things Mrs. Pantry is looking forward to while living in Malaysia!