Wong Yee Ping

Wong Yee Ping Position: Head Of Languages

Prior to teaching in SJIIM, Yee Ping gained extensive experience teaching Chinese Language in schools and university. She has over 16 years teaching Chinese Language in Malaysia and Singapore. Yee Ping has been teaching IGCSE First and Second Language Chinese including the IBDP programme and is an IB examiner for Chinese B. Yee Ping has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and PGCE from National Taiwan Normal University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Manchester, UK. She believes in the importance of developing effective learning with technology and 21st Century learning, and has implemented various aspects of technology in teaching and learning resulting in her being awarded the President’s Award for Innovation in Taylor’s Group. She has also conducted training for teachers in Google Education Group (GEG) and enjoys working with students and growing with them. She believes the best reward is to be able to help students achieve their full academic and personal potential.