High School (Years 7 – 11)


The Foundation IGCSE Course

The SJIIM Foundation IGCSE course covers the age range of 11-13 years old (Year Groups 7-9). SJIIM follows the guidelines from the UK National Curriculum within an international context. The course content and materials are designed by our curriculum planning teams to appropriately prepare our students for the IGCSE courses that follow in Years 10 – 11. Students will study a range of compulsory subjects during Years 7 – 9 (see below).

Compulsory Foundation IGCSE Subjects:



Bahasa Melayu







Physical Education

Computer Science

Religious and Values


Optional Foundation IGCSE Subjects (choose one):




Note: ICT teaching takes place within the subject lessons

How do we assess student progress during the Foundation IGCSE stage?

SJIIM places great importance on monitoring student progress. There are two methods of monitoring in place throughout the Foundation IGCSE course.

SJIIM has its own academic tracking system based on teacher assessment using evidence produced in-house. This form of tracking provides us with a strategic tool for identifying students who need extra support in any area. The data is generated frequently and any interventions are modified accordingly.

SJIIM tests each student at the beginning of the Foundation IGCSE course using an external baseline testing service. The data produced is framed within the context of students taking the test around the world in previous years. The grade generated is used as a basis for the production of a target grade for each student. The target grade will vary from subject to subject to reflect the different rates at which learning and progress are made for individual students within different subjects.


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is for students in Years 10 and 11 and is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14-16 year olds. Developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations, learners from over 100 countries sit for their IGCSE each year making it one of the most internationally recognised qualifications for secondary students.

All courses are two years in length with assessments taking place at the end of Year 11. The format of assessments varies and can include written, oral, coursework and practical assessment. Each learner’s performance is benchmarked using eight internationally recognised grades (A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G).

The IGCSE is an excellent foundation for success at higher level courses such as the IB Diploma and A-levels Examinations. Leading universities and employers worldwide accept the IGCSE as evidence of academic ability and achievement. Students will find that the IGCSE course equips them with the core skills and knowledge they will need to be successful learners at IB Diploma level, A-levels as well as other well recognised Pre University Programmes.

SJIIM students will study compulsory IGCSE subjects in English, Mathematics and Science and have the choice of selecting electives from a wide range of subjects including Economics, History, Music, Art and Business Studies. In addition to these elective subjects, students will also select one language from three possible options: Spanish, Mandarin or Malay.

The number of elective subjects that the students take will depend on whether they opt to study Coordinated Science or Triple Science. With Coordinated Science, students will select two additional subjects and with Triple Science they will select one additional subject.

Although it is not compulsory that students who have studied a subject at IGCSE level should select it at IB level, the foundations provided by the IGCSE may be beneficial.

A typical student timetable will consist of eight lessons per day i.e. 40 lessons per week. As well as the learning that will take place within the classroom, students will have opportunities through our CCA programme to apply, reinforce or revisit their learning.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that our students achieve IGCSE qualifications that they can be proud of. At SJIIM, quality teaching and learning is a given within the classroom along with additional support sessions which provide help where and when it is needed as well as pastoral care in place to nurture and guide them as new challenges arise. With this, we are confident that our students can achieve their true potential.