Singapore Maths & Daily Mandarin

At SJIIM, we have adopted the Singapore Mathematics curriculum as we believe it is a rigorous approach to teaching Elementary Mathematics. It places great emphasis on the development of problem solving skills using the model approach, leading to an understanding of algebraic reasoning. This approach embraces Jerome Bruner’s stages of enactive (concrete), iconic (pictorial) and symbolic (abstract) learning and makes mathematics fun to learn for Elementary School Children.


Rich Language Programme


Our literacy programme is central to the learning and development of all our students. Through our teaching the students will become effective  communicators, be voracious and independent readers who possess a deep appreciation and understanding of literature and will be motivated, confident writers who see writing as an everyday, useful and enjoyable experience.


Learning Chinese is an integral part of the experience at SJIIM. Our daily Mandarin programme caters for a wide range of learners with a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.