Why Character Education is more than just grit.

At SJIIM, one of the hallmarks of our Lasallian international school is our strong emphasis on character education and development. It truly separates us from the rest and the importance of it is showcased by an article that was produced by our very own High School Teaching and Learning Leader and English Teacher, Andy Bayfield. This enlightening piece of write up was published recently in the prestigious Times Educational Supplement (TES) which is the biggest educational online magazine in the UK.

“This piece really grew from my work across my 4 years at SJIIM and the particular way we teach and discuss the education of character and our unique Lasallian school ethos. This article also pays tribute to the work done by Mr Gary Cairns and his team of Heads of Year which has been inspiring to see and my interest grew from their example. Gary and I have shared many discussions around the themes of this article and are happy that TES will be sharing our work and experience in this area through a podcast on their website.”Andy Bayfield (T&L Leader and English Teacher, SJIIM)

Congratulations on the publishing of your article Andy! May the character education programme at SJIIM continue to grow and further inculcate the importance of good values in the character of our young Lasallians!

To read Andy’s article, visit: https://www.tes.com/news/character-education-traits-school-grit-determination-empathy-morals

To listen to Andy and Gary’s view on this subject on the TES podcast, visit: https://www.tes.com/news/character-traits-grit-determination-compassion-integrity-podcast

Well done gentlemen!