Top IBDP results again from SJIIM students

For the third year running, students of St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia (SJIIM) once again produced outstanding results in the recent 2020 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examinations.

33% of its IBDP students obtained 40 points and above which should place them in the top 10% of results worldwide. SJIIM also achieved an overall average score of 36 points (after re-marking), far above the 2019 IBDP Global Average of 29.7 points. These result statistics are especially good considering that the students have completed their IBDP studies in challenging and unnatural circumstances given the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world this year.

The top IBDP scorers for SJIIM were Aaron Loke Jun Meng with 44 points (after case review) and Justin Hew Kin Jun with 43 points respectively. For Aaron Loke, he was ecstatic with his results and believes that the school’s principle of community greatly contributed to his success, “SJIIM is a home where I have always felt I could try new things without judgement from my peers or teachers. The school’s friendly and close community has supported my growth in a multitude of areas in my life; growth I would not have achieved had I enrolled at other higher level educational institutions. I can confidently say that anyone who studies at SJIIM will leave with the ability and mindset to impact the world in a positive manner.” To pursue his interest in accountancy, Aaron Loke will be going to one of Singapore’s top universities for the next step of his education.

Aaron Loke Jun Meng

Justin Hew was equally over the moon with his results and credited the school for helping him to achieve it, “My educational journey in SJIIM is one that is so vivid and profuse in meaningful experiences that I will forever cherish. Among those were the unrelenting support given by the teachers amid the curriculum, the student body that engendered the Lasallian ethos through service and other kinds of activities. In SJIIM, the notion of inclusivity is consistently enforced, thereto no student is precluded from customary interactions and interpersonal relationships. This is precisely what constitutes a great school environment that advocates its students to ‘Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve’. A big thank you to my dedicated teachers for helping me to do well for the IBDP. I couldn’t have done it without you.” For the next step of his education, Justin Hew will be furthering his tertiary studies in the area of Physics and Maths at a top foreign university.

Justin Hew with his proud mother

Meanwhile Anissa Ng Wan Cheng, one of SJIIM’s IBDP high achievers scored 40 points and attributed the unique educational environment she experienced as the reason for her success, “Studying at SJIIM taught me that education was more than just about academic grades. Our LaSallian values challenged us to use our gifts and passions to make a difference to others. At SJIIM, I had a great balance of rigorous academic study, fulfilling and exciting extracurricular activities. Throughout the IBDP, there was lots of support from my teachers, year mates and seniors, which helped me to persevere and develop my character. I am truly grateful to have been awarded a scholarship at SJIIM to experience the IBDP.” For her tertiary study plans, Anissa Ng will be heading to the University of Bath, UK for her BSc (Hons.) in Psychology degree.

SJIIM’s achievement resonates with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme’s standing as it enjoys a very high level of respect and recognition among the world’s higher education institutions. For students, success in the IBDP often results in advanced standing, course credit, scholarships or other admissions-related benefits at top universities worldwide. Today, more than 5000 schools worldwide offer IB programmes.

Dr Nicola Brown, the High School Principal of SJIIM, was pleased with the good results and was very proud of their achievements. She added, “I want to congratulate our graduates for their courage during these unprecedented times. There has been much anticipation for the results this year following the cancellation of the IBDP examinations. We are incredibly proud of the way our students have managed this challenge and the results they have achieved. We wish them well in the next chapter of their education as they move on to universities overseas or here in Malaysia. Congratulations to the SJIIM Class of 2020.”

High School Principal, Dr Nicola Brown and IBDP Coordinator Ms Maureen Fitzgerald (seated centre) with some of the top scorers who obtained 40 points and above

Maureen Fitzgerald, the IBDP Coordinator of SJIIM, was also beaming with pride at the performance of her charges. She further said, “After a difficult term and much uncertainty, I am so proud of our students and their successes with these results.  They have shown a great deal of resilience and fortitude, and community spirit in supporting one another. They have worked hard for the results that they have earned, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to share in their celebration today.”

In celebration of SJIIM’s outstanding IBDP results, SJIIM will be offering additional scholarships to deserving students entering the IBDP in August 2020. For additional information, please visit